Peeling RV? What You Can Do To Spot And Stop Delamination Damage

Many RVs have fiberglass siding. It's lightweight, attractive, and durable, making it a good choice for finishing the outside of the RV. Unfortunately, fiberglass can fall victim to delamination damage, which usually occurs on older models or those that have suffered damage. Knowing how to find this damage and taking steps to prevent it can keep your RV on the road and looking good. What It Looks Like The fiberglass sides of an RV are made from plywood, which then has a fiberglass overcoat layered on top. Read More 

4 Signs That Your Auto Collision Repair Wasn’t Done Properly

If you have recently had body work done to your vehicle, then you probably don't want to worry about your car showing the signs of its previous damage. To ensure that your collision repair professional has done a good job, look for these four signs that the work wasn't done properly. 1. You Have Trouble With Your Doors and Windows If your vehicle has had major body work done, there's the chance that you have to worry about having trouble with opening and closing your windows and doors. Read More