3 Benefits Of Fleet Services

When you operate and own a company that utilizes a great deal of vehicles to ship inventory, you will need to make sure that you are optimizing that service to the best of your ability. If that is what you need, managed fleet services will be an excellent investment to make. By outsourcing this work to a third party company, you'll get experienced help and will reap a number of benefits. Read More 

Purchased A Used Car? How To Prevent Rust From Getting On It

If you just purchased a used car, to keep it looking as nice as you can, you should learn how to prevent rust from getting on it. Rust can cause serious damage, as it can eat through your paint, eventually causing holes to form on the body of your car. What Causes Rust One of the main substances that causes rust to form on your vehicle is salt. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow and ice, you likely drive on salted roads every day. Read More 

Do You Have To Repair Your Vehicle After Making An Insurance Claim?

After making an insurance claim after being involved in an accident, you may be curious whether or not you are actually required to receive repairs. You may not want to receive repairs because you can't go without your car while waiting for the repairs to be done or you may just prefer having the cash from your settlement instead of putting it towards repairs. Whether or not you are required to receive repairs depends on a couple of things. Read More 

How To Sand Out A Surface Scratch In Your Car’s Paint

A lot of damage can happen to cars in parking lots. You get out of your new shiny car to run into a store to grab a few items and when you return you can find that someone has pushed a shopping cart into your front fender. That nice shiny surface on the fender now has a scratch in it. Here is how you can safely sand out a surface scratch in the paint on your car and restore its shiny finish before you visit an auto body shop. Read More 

Restoring A 1972 Corvette On A Budget

If you've just purchased the car of your dreams, congratulations on checking one more thing off of your bucket list. If the car is a 1972 Corvette Stingray, you're among many thousands of other car enthusiasts who would also love to own one. The only issue is that you got the car at a rock bottom deal and it needs a little work. If you're willing to put some time and effort into making the right connections, you should be able to get the car into pristine condition without breaking the bank. Read More