4 Signs That Your Auto Collision Repair Wasn’t Done Properly

If you have recently had body work done to your vehicle, then you probably don't want to worry about your car showing the signs of its previous damage. To ensure that your collision repair professional has done a good job, look for these four signs that the work wasn't done properly.

1. You Have Trouble With Your Doors and Windows

If your vehicle has had major body work done, there's the chance that you have to worry about having trouble with opening and closing your windows and doors. Carefully open and close each door, and make sure that you don't notice your door lifting or dropping when doing so. Your windows should also close securely without any wind noise.

2. The Paint is Uneven

Run your hand over the surface of your vehicle in the area where it was painted. Your car should feel completely flat and smooth, and you should not be able to tell where the paint starts or stops. If you can, then not only do you have to worry about appearance-related problems, but you also have to worry about the chipping and cracking of the paint job.

3. You Can Spot Color Differences

Every shade of paint for a vehicle is just a little bit different, but your collision repair center should be able to match the color as closely to your car as possible. At least one entire panel should be completely repainted, and the paint should be blended and buffed out so that it matches the rest of the car. You should not be able to spot the paint color difference in your vehicle when looking at it in the sunlight or from a distance.

4. All Exterior Components Should Match

In many cases, bumpers, window surroundings, mirrors and other exterior components have to be replaced during the collision repair process. Check these exterior parts to ensure that they match the other parts on your vehicle in size and color. Some collision repair centers use aftermarket parts when making these repairs, especially if the repairs are being made on an older vehicle, so you have to ensure that they look like the other parts on your car.

As you can see, there are a few things that you should check out to ensure that your car's repairs have been done properly. Look at these four things after you get your car back to make sure that it looks as good as possible after your accident. Talk to your auto experts, such as Auto Body By Duie LLC, for more information.