Reasons to Consider a Wrap on Your New Car or Truck

Custom car wraps can be used on new or used cars and have many applications that go much further than you might think. These custom car wraps can include advertising, be used to protect the paint, or change the look of the vehicle significantly. The wraps can then be removed later without damage to the car.

Advertising Wraps

Custom car wraps can turn your vehicle into a rolling advertisement for your business or a brand you are being paid to advertise. Because the wraps are made from vinyl sheets, you can print advertisements on the wrap before applying it to the car, truck, or SUV.

The printer uses a template of your specific car model in a computer program to layout where things will fall on the wrap and ensure they are in the right place on the car. The sheet is then run through a large printer, and the graphics are printed on the vinyl using ink that is designed to stand up to the sun, rain, and other weather conditions.

Once the ads are printed, the wrap is cut and installed on the car. The result is a vehicle that advertises your brand every time it is driven somewhere. If you want to change the ad in a few months, the old wrap can be removed and replaced with an updated one, or you can leave the original in place for several years without any issue.

Changing Appearances

If you want to change the appearance of your car or truck, you may want to consider custom car wraps as one alternative. Custom paint jobs are expensive, and once the vehicle is painted, you are stuck with it unless you choose to have it repainted a second time. 

Custom car wraps are often much less expensive, and if the wrap does not come out the way you imagined it, the wrap installer can take it off and replace it. Custom car wraps also allow you to do things like make a new car look old and rusty or change the color to something completely different that you could never get from the factory. 

The versatility of a vinyl wrap allows a lot of creative freedom with any car, and the vinyl protects the paint under it. If you choose to take the wrap off in a few years to resell the vehicle, the paint condition will often be like new underneath, increasing the resale value enough to offset the cost of the wrap and the installation. 

Whether you want to make your car look different or protect the factory paint, custom car wraps are a great option to consider.