Helpful Tips When Dealing With Vehicle Hail Damage

If you're unfortunately caught driving during a hail storm, extensive damage can happen to your vehicle. If the damage doesn't total your vehicle, you probably want to take it into an auto body shop for repairs. This process will be less stressful to deal with thanks to these tips.

Talk to Insurance Company

One of the first parties you'll want to talk to after extensive hail damage is your insurance company. You need to report the damage and have an adjuster come out to see how much the repairs will cost.

Make sure you contact the insurance company right away and see how much costs they are willing to pay. If your insurance is giving you some pushback, then you might seek paintless dent removal. It will cost your insurance company less because the techniques this process involves are efficient and that means fewer labor costs.

Find the Right Repair Shop

There are probably a bunch of auto body repair shops in the city that you live in. So that you feel confident heading into this hail damage repair, make sure you properly vet these shops.

Start with seeing if they're licensed and credentialed to work on hail damage. You also want to see what skills the technicians have at each shop. The more experience and special training they have, the better your hail damage repairs will be. 

It's also recommended to go with an auto body repair shop that charges a fair rate for hail damage. To find this out, gather quotes from as many repair shops as you can. 

Get a Guarantee

Once you do find an auto body repair shop to address the hail damage, one of the smartest things you can do is get a guarantee from them. It's like an added layer of protection that can give you confidence all throughout the repair process.

If you still see some dents after the repairs and want them addressed, you can free of charge thanks to this guarantee. You need to make sure you get this guarantee in writing too so that the shop can't back out if you're not satisfied with their services.

At some point, your vehicle may get damaged by hail. That doesn't mean you have to live with this damage forever. What you need to do is be proactive about working with your insurance company and finding an auto body repair shop. These measures will help you address hail damage appropriately.