Restoring A 1972 Corvette On A Budget

If you've just purchased the car of your dreams, congratulations on checking one more thing off of your bucket list. If the car is a 1972 Corvette Stingray, you're among many thousands of other car enthusiasts who would also love to own one. The only issue is that you got the car at a rock bottom deal and it needs a little work. If you're willing to put some time and effort into making the right connections, you should be able to get the car into pristine condition without breaking the bank. Here are some ways you may be able to save some extra cash on restoring your 1972 Stingray.


How the car looks both as it's sitting in your driveway and going down the road is extremely important. While you can use your own car detailing supplies to add a gorgeous shine to the car and create a glass-like finish, if there's any underbody or surface rust or dents, you'll have to call in the pros. Don't call just any body shop. Locate a auto body paint professional, like Powder Coating Specialties, who specializes in rust refinishing and in sandblasting vintage body panels. Because the paint will have to be special ordered, ask about a possible price savings if you buy a larger quantity of paint. While it may not be practical at the moment, you can use the extra paint for future touch-ups.


Any type of wear and tear on the Corvette's interior can really downgrade the overall value of the vehicle. You may be able to save money by having the interior repaired by a professional upholsterer as opposed to buying the original used seats. You can also save more money by using similar fabric, vinyl or leather as opposed to locating original materials.


What's under the hood really makes the 1972 Stingray stand out among the rest of the classic-car big dogs. If your Corvette has been sitting for over 30 years or more without being started regularly, there can be a lot of mechanical issues that need to be addressed. In addition, an engine flush and an overall motor and transmission inspection should be done. Have the motor inspected by a mechanic who specializes in vintage Corvette engines. From there, you can have a local mechanic do any minor repairs and fluid changes. This could save you a few hundred dollars or more.

Wheels And Rims

Chances are, the wheels are not original to the Stingray. You'll need to have them replaced or repaired. You can cut costs by upgrading to brand new tires that will ensure that the vette will handle safely on the road. If you choose to purchase original tires and rims from a restoration specialist or wholesaler, the cost will be significantly higher.

You car is your pride and joy. Keep in mind when purchasing it that there will likely be further costs. Finding small ways to save helps trim your budget so you can start enjoying your car at car shows and driving down the road.