What Types Of Imperfections Can Be Corrected With Auto Paint Correction Services?

Auto paint correction is designed to fix minor imperfections on your vehicle's paint job. This helps to restore the paint on your car to perfect condition, just like when your vehicle was new. If you have imperfections or flaws on your car, you may be wondering if auto paint correction can solve the issues you are facing. Here are some of the most common types of imperfections that can be corrected with auto paint correction services. 

Scratches and Chips

One of the most common issues that can be corrected with auto paint correction is scratches or chips in the car's paint job. A shopping cart hitting your car, another car door hitting your car, or even abrasive car washing equipment can leave behind minor scratches or chips. Auto paint correction involves buffing or sanding out the scratches or chips and then touch-up painting over the affected area. 

Swirling or Uneven Color

Another imperfection that can be fixed with auto paint correction services is swirling or uneven paint color. The most common reason why there would be a swirl pattern in your paint is due to a poor correction paint job in the past. If the color was not properly blended, you may be able to tell where the new paint meets the old. Uneven coloring can be caused by a poor past paint job or due to fading caused by the sun. Auto paint correction can solve uneven or swirled paint. 

Minor Bubbling, Peeling, or Flaking 

If water gets underneath the paint of your car, typically due to a scratch or chip, you may see your paint start to bubble, peel or even flake away. Just like with scratches and chips, auto paint correction involves sanding or buffing away the old paint that is damaged and painting and blending the affected area. 

A Dull Appearance

The final type of imperfection that can be corrected with auto paint correction services is a dull appearance. The number one reason why a car's paint becomes dull is that the clear coat on top of the paint has worn down. This can be caused by extreme weather temperatures, a lot of sunlight hitting the car, over-buffing or polishing your car, or simply due to age. One of the steps of auto paint correction is applying a new layer of clear coat, which helps the exterior of your car shine. 

If you notice that your car has a lot of scratches or chips, has swirling or uneven color on one part of the car, has minor bubbling or peeling, or has a very dull appearance, auto paint correction can help to solve the problem. Reach out to Auto paint correction services to discuss having your auto paint corrected or to obtain an estimate. 

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