Got Faded, Cloudy, Or Dull Headlights? Get Answers To The Questions You May Have

When you look at your car one day, you may notice that the headlights look faded, dull, or cloudy. They are no longer clear and clean. And despite washing them with warm soapy water, they may not look any different. This is a common problem, but if you have never dealt with it before, you may have many questions. Here are a few of the questions you may have about faded, dull, or cloudy headlights. 

Why Do Headlights Become Dull, Cloudy, or Faded? 

Headlights become dull, cloudy, or faded for a number of reasons. They can start to fade or become dull simply due to age and sun exposure. They can become cloudy thanks to the waxes and residues that are sprayed on your car in drive-thru car washes. They can also look cloudy if they are scratched. Lastly, headlights can become faded and dull as sand, salt, and gravel hit the headlights as you drive. 

Should You Be Concerned About Dull, Cloudy or Faded Headlights? 

Dull, cloudy, or faded headlight can be concerning for a couple of reasons. If your headlights are extremely cloudy, it can actually decrease the brightness of the light that shines through. This can affect the amount of light on the road while you are driving, or decrease another driver's ability to see your headlights. The other reason why you may be concerned about dull, cloudy, or faded headlights is because they can decrease the value of your car when you go to trade your car in or sell your car. 

How Can Dull, Cloudy, or Faded Headlights Be Repaired? 

There are two primary ways that dull, cloudy, or faded headlights can be repaired. The first is to sand the headlight down. This helps to remove surface-level scratches, surface-level damage from abrasive debris, and build-up of wax, soaps, and smog. This is a great option if you have never had your headlights sanded down before and if the damage is surface-level. If the headlights are damaged, fogged on the side, or have deep scratches, replacing the headlight may be the best option. 

If your headlights are cloudy, dull, faded, scratched, or otherwise damaged, bring your car to an auto body repair shop. They can take a look at your headlights and determine the best option to make them look their best and to ensure that you are safe while you are driving on the roads. Call your preferred auto body repair shop to make an appointment today.